Volunteers Build Storage Shed to Support Jeffco Schools’ Windy Peak Outdoor Lab

WDTU recently completed a project for the Windy Peak Outdoor Lab School. The school had a need for better personal flotation device storage. WDTU volunteers collaborated on a storage unit design, construction, and installation. The new storage unit will help keep PFDs organized and safe from elements including pests who like nothing more than chewing-up some foam for nesting. Now the school will have no problems getting children into proper flotation devices and keeping them safe while fishing from the dock.
Big thanks to member Bob Becker for assessing the conditions, suggesting solutions, and helping with installation. Also huge thanks and recognition to member Michael McCloskey and his neighbor/volunteer James Murray for improving the proposed design to create a more functional and durable storage unit, building the unit in their spare time, delivering it to the location and performing the final install.

L – R, Kenneth Worley, James Murray, Bob Becker, and Michael McCloskey