West Denver Trout Unlimited

About Us

The West Denver Chapter, Trout Unlimited (WDTU, TU chapter #130) is a member-driven 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is

Conserving, protecting, and enhancing Colorado’s coldwater fisheries through volunteerism, education, and outreach.

WDTU was founded in Colorado in 1974, and now has over 900 members across western metro Denver, including Lakewood, Golden, Morrison, Englewood, Littleton, Wheatridge, and Arvada. Our conservation and community outreach projects include the restoration and water quality monitoring of Clear Creek, and Jefferson County school programs. The chapter’s membership meets regularly at the monthly chapter meeting (except July). These meetings are free and open to the public.

WDTU’s governance also relies directly upon its members, who generously volunteer their time and effort to achieve the chapter’s mission. The WDTU Bylaws provide details on the chapter’s governance. The chapter’s Board of Directors has a board meeting every month (separate from the chapter meeting). Members are welcome to attend board meetings and are encouraged to volunteer to be an Officer or Director.

WDTU has active parent organizations at the state and national levels.

  • National Trout Unlimited founded

  • Colorado Trout Unlimited founded

  • West Denver Chapter Trout Unlimited founded

  • South Platte River Restoration: Wildcat Canyon

  • St. Louis Creek Restoration

  • South Platte River Restoration: Dream Stream reach

  • Colorado River Restoration: Kemp-Breeze & Hot Sulphur Springs State Wildlife Areas

  • Windy Peak Outdoor Education Laboratory: Handicap-Accessible Fishing Pier, Docks, and Decking

  • South Platte River Restoration: Knight-Imler State Wildlife Area

  • Trout Creek Restoration

  • Boys’ and Girls’ Club Gates Camp: Fishing Pond & Pier Construction

  • Windy Peak Outdoor Education Laboratory: Instructional Fly Tying Theater Established

  • South Platte River Restoration: Below Spinney Mt. Reservoir

  • South Platte River Restoration: Tomahawk (Middle Fork)

  • Windy Peak Outdoor Education Laboratory: Pond Restoration

  • Clear Creek Restoration: Golden Mile

  • Clear Creek Restoration: Canyon Reach