Clear Creek Golden Mile Restoration

WDTU completed the Clear Creek Golden Mile Restoration project in 2009.

The lower section of the Golden Mile begins just above the kayak course in Golden and extends upstream to the Canyonside condos (adjacent to the Hwy 6 bridge) The upper section begins just above the Canyonside condos and extends upstream to the footbridge crossing Clear Creek. Numerous cross vanes, J hooks, and boulder clusters provide winter habitat, bank stabilization, and feeding lanes. Fishing access was also much improved.

The restoration work has been enthusiastically embraced by the Golden community, and achieves WDTU’s goal of enhancing the community’s sense of stewardship for the Clear Creek watershed.

Major contributors included the City of Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado Parks and Wildlife “Fishing is Fun”, Alfred Frei and Sons quarry, Coors, Orvis, Henderson Mine, TU’s Embrace-A-Stream, and the contractor, Frontier Environmental Services. Total capital outlay was approximately $200,000.