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Our Values

We understand that coldwater fisheries are vital to a healthy environment and offer priceless recreational opportunities. For everyone’s well-being, we conserve and restore these waters.


Activities, Fishing and Fun

We love to fish. Our monthly meetings include a Fly Tying Corner where members learn new patterns for their fishing adventures. Speaker presentations may discuss fishing area rivers, new nymphing techniques, or conservation challenges facing Colorado anglers. Member camaraderie builds through fishing trips, volunteer activities, and chapter picnics.

WDTU River Watch Activity

Conservation and Outreach

We are dedicated to coldwater fisheries conservation and community outreach. Our membership supports local stream cleanups and restoration, water quality monitoring on Clear Creek, youth programs, fundraisers, and more.

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The TU Organization

We are in great company. West Denver Chapter, Trout Unlimited (WDTU) was founded in Colorado in 1974, and now has 1,100+ members across western metro Denver. Colorado Trout Unlimited (CTU) has existed at the state level since 1969, and National Trout Unlimited (NTU) originally formed in Michigan in 1959. TU members’ voices are heard locally, state-wide, and nationally.

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