West Denver Trout Unlimited


April 15, 2017

Golden Games

by: Cy Ball

golden games1A 3 day celebration of music and adventure sports for the outdoor community, May 19 – 21.  Athletes from across the US rally to Golden for these events. Activities are centered in and around the Golden Whitewater Park and Lions Park. Now in its 6th year, The Golden Games continues to grow and host a variety of adventure sports, live music, demos, clinics, gear swaps and more. Sports to be highlighted include white water kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, fly fishing, slack lining, freestyle rodeo, kayak slalom racing, and more.

The fly fishing contests are on May 20th.  There are over $2,000 in prizes to be given away in both our pro and an amateur fly fishing contests. It’s a fun day with a BBQ included.  If you don’t wish to compete, being a controller is really fascinating way to shadow an angler on clear Creek for two hours, measure his fish, see how he approaches the river, and the bugs he chooses.  You can check it all out and register to compete or volunteer at www.thegoldengames.com, or call Troy Harcourt 303-548-5881

West Denver TU will have a booth promoting our conservation efforts.  The Golden Games fishing contest is sponsored by Arbor Anglers of Golden.

golden games1