Your 2022 Board of Directors

WDTU’s Board of Directors (the Board) guides the chapter’s activities and manages the chapter’s affairs, responsibilities, and finances.

The Board consists of four member-elected positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), as well as numerous other positions that focus on specific affairs of the chapter. The existing Board is responsible for appointing vacant, non-elected Board positions. Officers, Committee Directors, and other Board members should be (active) members in the WDTU chapter. Members are encouraged to volunteer to be an Officer or Director.

Voting for Officers occurs yearly at the chapter’s March meeting (the Annual Membership Meeting), with positions commencing April 1. The most recent past president is responsible for organizing the election, which includes forming a nominating committee. Multiple positions may be held by a single individual, without term limits. However, the president typically only serves a maximum of two terms.

Details about how WDTU’s Board functions may be found in the chapter’s Bylaws.  WDTU shares it’s financial information here.


President – Ed Calmus

Ed grew up in Pittsburgh and moved to Colorado after graduating from the University of Dayton with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He later received an  MBA degree from the University of Wyoming.  Married to Jody, two daughters. Retired from University of Denver, where he directed Business Services.  Ed’s passion is preserving the fly fishing experience. 

Vice President – Randy Hanner

Randy has been a member of West Denver TU for about two years. He serves as the Social Media Director. Randy is leading the Chapter trip to Patagonia in January of 2023.

Randy has been a guide, a fly shop manager, and was a four year member of the US Fly Fishing Team, which competes in the World Fly Fishing Championships. Besides a passion for fly fishing, Randy enjoys hiking and nature photography.

Randy has fished extensively in New Zealand.  This picture was taken there.

Previous President – Jackie Edwards

TU Activities: WDTU board member for over 20 years; Communications Chair; Volunteer Coordinator; former Membership Chair; Vice President 2014 – present.
Personal: Married to Glen, two daughters. BS degree in Criminal Justice from Metro State. Retired from Jeffco Public Schools. Jackie’s passion is conservation. She says the best reward for her work is that she is helping, if only in some small ways, to protect our waters for all our children and their children, far into the future. Loves fishing trips to Alaska.


Secretary – Ashley Giles

Ashley is a Colorado native and daughter of a gold prospector (aka geologist), so she grew up exploring the watersheds of Colorado. She is a self-proclaimed “Champion of Rivers,” which lends itself to a lifelong love of fly fishing. In college Ashley studied limnology, conservation biology, and ecological restoration, and she works as an environmental scientist on wetland and river restoration projects. With WDTU, Ashley is involved in collaborative Clear Creek watershed projects and the New Initiatives Team. She is an average runner, avid gardener, closet floral designer, and dreams of being a goat farmer.


Treasurer – Matt Rivera

Matt has been a West Denver TU Board Member since  2015.Besides serving as Treasurer, Matt has been instrumental in providing successful fishing outings like Rainbow Falls and Bartle Lakes.

Married to Denise; attended Regis College. Besides fishing, Matt enjoys shooting sporting clays and handgun shooting, bird hunting (especially waterfowl) and playing golf.  His favorite fishing spots are Rocky Mountain National Park and all over the Carbondale area.



Other Directors

Advertising Manager Jon Weimer
Anglers’ Edge Editor Mark Shulman
Chapter Counsel Bruce Ducker
Communications Randy Hanner / Ed Calmus
Membership Database Manager Ed Calmus
Education Justin Bubenik
Fly Tiers’ Night Out Fred Portillo
Fly Tying Clinic (2021 cancelled) Ed Calmus
Meeting Programs Officers
Member Services Mark Shulman
Co. Parks and Wildlife Liaison John Semich
Raffles Ed Calmus
Resource (Conservation) Keith Greenwell
River Watch Dennis Wiles
Integrated Water Management Plan Ashley Giles
Webmaster Available