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June 20, 2019

Volunteer for Summer Conservation Projects!

by: Ed Calmus

Good Work for Trout!
Volunteers Needed for Summer Conservation Projects.


The Backcountry Limnology Project

A cooperative venture between the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Using a Secci tube to measure turbidity

Volunteers will walk to alpine lakes and collect data on water temperature, turbidity, and acidity. The goal is to collect data that will help determine the effects of climate change on alpine lakes. WDTU will supply the gear. Volunteers will be trained in how to use the gear. Contact Rick Dornfeld.







Data-logger launch and retrieval

A joint project among CTU, CPW and USFS.

Harvesting stream temperature data

Volunteers will walk into Clear Creek tributaries to deploy and monitor water temperature data probes in the streambeds. The data logger project will identify which stream reaches are most suitable for greenback cutthroat restoration; and which stream reaches might continue to support trout despite the effects of climate change.

This is a job for volunteers who enjoy the science of collecting precise information with electronic gear and who are able to walk into remote sites. Training and gear will be provided. Contact Rick Dornfeld.




Stream Condition Surveys

Part of the High Peaks to Headwaters Plan for the Clear Creek watershed.

Perched culvert blocking fish passage

Volunteers will visit degraded stream reaches and collect useful but simple measures of stream condition. This information is used by USFS to develop stream restoration projects in future years. Training will be provided, after which some actual stream survey work will take place. Contact Rick Dornfeld.






Brook Trout Removal

A joint project of The Forest Service and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Electroshocking Dry Gulch

Brook trout are suppressing the native Colorado River cutthroat populations in Steelman Creek, Bobtail Creek, and Trail Creek. Volunteers will help electro-fishing crews remove brook trout, increasing the survival of native trout. Volunteers capture fish, measure captured fish, release cutthroats, and remove brook trout.

Contact Rick Dornfeld.




River Watch

A joint project of West Denver TU and Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Bug collection on Vasquez Creek

Volunteers collect temperature, pH, heavy metals, alkalinity, hardness, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, and aquatic insect data to create a long-term picture of river health. Work is focused on Clear Creek.

Contact Dennis Wiles at






Native Trout Projects

Joint projects with Colorado TU, local TU chapters, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Stocking native cutthroat fry

Potential native trout projects include Rock Creek beaver dam removal, greenback spawning on Zimmerman Lake, Rock Creek trailhead restoration, electrofishing on Dry Gulch and Herman Gulch, greenback stocking on Dry Gulch and Herman Gulch, electrofishing on West Clear Creek. Greenback stocking will be done on July 16th and 17th.

Sign up for native trout projects at https://www.coloradotu.org/. Hold the cursor on “conservation”. Click on “native trout”. Click on “volunteer”. Select from “upcoming volunteer projects”. Keep going back to this site until you find the project you want.

And please copy so we can keep track of WDTU participation in the native trout projects.