West Denver Trout Unlimited


June 10, 2018

Volunteer for Greenback Trout Stocking

by: Cy Ball

Hello Stockers and Shockers. CPW and USFS are still short on volunteers to help stock greenback trout for July 16th at Dry Gulch and July 18th at Herman Gulch. The job at each location will be to backpack little native trout in a plastic sack up a trail and gently release them into their new home water. I like to think of this job as a walk in the woods with a purpose.

You may sign up at https://colorado-trout-unlimited.squarespace.com/volunteer/#current-opportunities. If you are already signed up you need not repeat the process. You can also contact Dan Omasta at 

On Monday the 16th, look for my Gray Durango, with the lift-gate raised, parked at the hogback Stegosaurus parking lot. This lot is on the SE corner of the intersection of I-70 and the road down to Morrison. Wheels turning from there at 0745.