West Denver Trout Unlimited


March 22, 2019

Time to Give Back?

by: Ed Calmus

Time to give back? Want to help ensure a bright future for Colorado fly fishing and West Denver Trout Unlimited? Volunteer! We have openings for:

Chapter Secretary

  • Attends Board meetings
  • Takes minutes
  • Performs administrative tasks as directed by leadership

Vice President

  • Provides support and assistance to the President in order to achieve the mission of the Chapter
  • Fills in when the President is absent
  • Learns, and evaluates a desire, to become President (you are not committing to the Presidency)

Too much? We have openings for team members on our Education team, Special Events team, and Membership Development team

Get involved. Your contribution will be rewarding for both you and our Chapter.

On this website at the volunteer page: https://www.westdenvertu.org/get-involved/volunteer/.

Or Phone: (720) 257-8218


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