West Denver Trout Unlimited

Fly Tying Clinic

WDTU is always looking for project volunteers. We appreciate generous donations of time & effort.

WDTU’s yearly Fly Tying Clinic is the area’s premier fly-tying event, with over 50 tiers demonstrating various techniques.

Learn how to tie the most effective fly patterns being used in the Rocky Mountain West today as well as interact with area’s most creative and successful practitioners of the fly-tying art. At the beginners’ station you can try you hand at tying a fly with the help of WDTU’s experienced tiers. Come and watch the guys that write the how-to books demonstrate their craft in our Tiers’ Theater. Details about our next Clinic event can be found here.

Funds raised are used toward Clear Creek restoration efforts as well as the Chapter’s myriad community outreach programs.