West Denver Trout Unlimited


July 14, 2020

One Nation Walking Together

by: Cy Ball

For the 5th year in a row WDTU has collected and donated spinning and casting equipment to One Nation Walking Together. This organization collects and distributes goods to the Native American Reservations throughout Western United States. Their main job is to help members of different tribes with food, clothing, or any other items that might be needed for their survival.

This year WDTU gave them over 50 rods, reels, and lots of tackle. The group One Nation gives this equipment to youths on the reservations. This equipment is used to help supplement their food supply and hopefully gives the youths some fun also. In the last 5 years WDTU has given them well over 500 rods and reels plus many pounds of hooks, line, lures, weight, nets, and much more.

I want to thank everyone in our chapter who has donated to this and to the members of Cutthroat who also donated this year.